Team LovingtheBike: National Bike Challenge Update

Team Loving the Bike had a great June with its participation in the National Bike Challenge!  We currently have 6 people at Platinum Level (1500 points), 1 person at Titanium Level (1000 points), 1 at Gold Level (500 points), and 1 at Silver (150 points).   As a team we have ridden over 6,000 miles so far, and we are currently in 65th place nationwide out of 2565 teams.

After training for a year, Joel Phillips finally got to participate in Ride the Rockies in Colorado.  He successfully rode 4 days out of 6 and completed 241 miles out of 431.  Accompanying him on his amazing journey was his riding buddy Bethel Strong.  To see Joel’s whole slide show and read more details, go to

At the beginning of June, Krissy Nelson rode with her dad in the Tour de Cure.  Then at the end of the month, she rode by herself in a century ride in Spirit Lake, Iowa in memory of her grandfather.

Susan Swope and her husband Kerry rode 64 miles in the Tour de Corn in Missouri.

Susan Garfield and Yvonne Warren rode 32 miles together in the Tour de Pepin around a lake in Minnesota.

Glenn Crosse road with many family member including dog Pickles in the Tour de Cure in Oregon.

Dave Braun rode with his family in the Spokane Summer Parkways, in which 4 miles of road was closed to car traffic and had 8,000 participants.

Stephen Starling rode 30 miles to Georgetown and back, his longest solo ride this year.

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