Team LovingtheBike takes on National Bike Challenge

On May 1st, we had 10 Team Loving the Bike members start off on the National Bike Challenge.  This challenge is put on by Kimberly-Clarke, League of American Bicyclists, and Bikes Belong and the purpose is to unite 50,000 people to bike 10 million miles between May 1 and August 31.  It’s a great program and I have Julie Starling to thank for getting Team Loving the Bike involved in this.

Teams for the challenge are limited to 10 people so before we could even advertise and recruit people to join our team, Julie already had it all together….we even unfortunately had to turn down a few more who wanted to take part.  Below you will find Julie’s update on how the first month of this beautiful 4 month challenge has gone for team Loving the Bike.

National Bike Challenge — Team Loving the Bike — May 2012

by Julie Starling (Team Captain)

Our first month of the National Bike Challenge and Team Loving the Bike has started out strong with over 3,600 miles!  We have been consistently been in the top 100 out of 2,370 teams nationwide and often in the top 50.  One of us has already reached Titanium level (1,000 points), six of us have passed Gold level (500 points) and the other three have ranked Silver (150 points).  Our members are Julie Starling (captain), Stephen Starling, Susan Swope, Laura Losey Faulkner, Glenn Crosse Sr, Yvonne Warren, Dave Braun, Joel Phillips, Krissy Nelson, and Susan Garfield.

Along with errands rides such as to the grocery store, hair stylist, Home Depot, post office, library, and even a driver’s license renewal, there have been plenty of park spins, trail rides, and regular commutes to work.  Riding with family and friends is something our teammates seem to have in common.  What better fun than sharing our Loving the Bike!  Now I’d like to share some of the highlights of the month.

Julie and Stephen not only celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary on the bike, but they took their 2 beagles and little dachshund with them on their beach vacation to Delaware.  They biked the pups around three beach towns and trails in their DoggyRide bike trailers for a total of 56 miles.  Talk about tail waggin’ fun!

Laura’s “Bike School” has now enrolled her sister Mary, whose first bike ride was an astonishing 28 miles to Oberlin, Ohio.  The sisters have been biking antic-filled rides ever since.  We have also seen the return of young Sean from 30 Days of Biking to Laura’s “Bike School” and hope that we will catch sight of Kendall before the summer is up.  After Laura discovered that her panniers were perfect for holding her two Yorkies for a ride, she upgraded to a trunk basket, so they could ride together.  Now they are doing regular rides and turning heads wherever they go.

Laura and Glenn have both signed up to ride in the Tour de Cure in their local areas.  Glenn has been doing training rides in Portland with his Schipperke in a doggy backpack.  That pup has certainly seen miles of smiles.  Glenn’s winter training has certainly paid off as he says he’s climbing hills better than ever.

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