The Bikes of Georgetown, Penang



Renting a bike in Penang is super easy, just check out any local cafe and changes are they have bikes out front.


Street art is big in Georgetown and this is the most famous of all. Kids queue up to have their parents snap a photo.


Sharrows are everywhere, and so far I’ve found drivers to give me plenty of room while biking.


It may be a bit tired and rusted, but newer seat, tires, pedals and cables show that this is daily worker.

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  • Eric Hutchins


  • Paul Kirby

    Folding carbon road bikes?!?! You’ve gotta share photos and info on those. Cool!

  • Maggi

    I do a lot of suburban/rural riding and only occasionally ride in the city. The first few times I rode in the city, I was initially terrified– but very quickly found the heavier traffic to be much easier to deal with than I expected. I think the main thing is consistency– the difficulty with suburban/rural roads is that the traffic flow is much less consistent, and you’ll have empty road for miles until suddenly hitting a higher-traffic area where drivers aren’t expecting cyclists. In the city, there are cyclists all over; drivers are more accustomed to seeing them, and they filter into a consistent traffic flow. If you keep your speed and direction consistent, rather than trying to race traffic or weave through it, you become part of the flow and it feels much safer than wondering when a big truck will come barreling around a blind turn in a rural area.