The Conspiracy Cyclist


Have you ever watched any of the Zeitgeist conspiracy movies?  Well, if you’re like me you wouldn’t call them conspiracy.  You’d call them reality.

Yeah, I’m one of those that totally hasn’t bought into what the Government (or Secret Government) is doing to us.  But I’d rather have you watch one of the Zeitgeist movies than to give you the truth myself.

Conspiracy Cyclist

I realize a lot of you choose not to believe in this and are perfectly okay going on with your life believing the news, events, and everything else is absolute true life.  But there’s one question I have for you.  If the Bush’s are one of the families who control things, is it coincidence that Jeb Bush will be the third in his family to become president?  Oh yeah, the secret Government has already guaranteed he will win.

Okay, so how does all this apply to cycling?  Well, once you understand that all things in life revolve around the agenda of the families who make up the secret Government…you realize that it’s all about creating more money and more power for this select few.

Oil control, and the money that comes from it is just one aspect……but it’s what keeps cyclists from having more power on the roads.  The people who run things would rather have everyone driving vehicles, and filling those vehicles up with gas.  They don’t want us out there on self-powered bicycles.

Our hard work and fighting has brought things like bike lanes, the three foot law, share the road signs, and bicycle parking…..but how effective have these things really been?  Be honest, it’s all pretty much a hoax to make us believe they want us on the roads and are encouraging us to be there.  These things might look like they’re designed to help cyclists…..but in reality, they aren’t.

They provide just enough stuff to make us feel like it’s safe to ride our bikes, but this only entices a select few.  The rest of society still finds it too dangerous and un-accommodating, so they stick with driving vehicles.

As a believer in the conspiracy, it’s easy to see that the world will never be a place designed for cyclists.  When it comes to modes of transportation, those that require gas will always be pushed down our throats the most.

Cyclists will keep dying, unfairness will continue to exist, and more gas will continue being sold.

If you’re still watching, and believe what you see on the news…..I hope you one day understand that it’s all controlled by people with their own agenda.  The continue to pump out propaganda with the intentions of keeping you on the path they choose for you.

Yep, I’ve gone majorly controversial on this one…..what’s your thoughts?

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Question: I am using the homebrew sugar formulations (sometimes added to green tea).  I am also trying to wean myself off 1/2 dose adrenalean “lip tonic delivery system” (biorhythm brand- caffeine, hoodia g, synephrine, yohimbe) capsule for energy.

My question is other than juice, can you suggest modifications in lieu of table sugar for energy and hydration.


Both raw/organic honey or agave can work great in the homebrew (substitute in the same quantities for the sugar, or to taste), but you do have to shake well in order to make sure they don’t settle out.  Have you tried either of these?  Also, make sure to use at least the minimum amount of salt recommended in the homebrew as the temps rise, you need the sodium replacement if you’re sweating.

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