Tips on Betting on Tour de France and Other Pro Cycling Races

When betting on stage victories these distinctions matter. Mark Cavendish wins many stages but not in the mountains. Similar distinctions apply to bets on green or polka-dot jersey competitions. A rider like Cavendish or Peter Sagan is a good bet for points classifications but not for the mountains. Stage profiles can help you spot contenders for mountain wins. Bear in mind that some races, including the Vuelta a España, award time bonuses for stage finish positions. This can affect how GC contenders contest stage victories. Knowing riders’ strengths will help you get that bodog payout and buy some new kit.

Before you get started with bodog betting on pro cycling, be sure to consider the differences between classics, short stage races and Grand Tours. Look for riders’ strengths as potential winners of stages, in jersey competitions or on GC. Remember to look at teams and not just individuals, and consider how form and targets can vary over the course of a season.

Photo c/o Team Sky Facebook Page

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  • Аренда виллы Коста-Бланка

    Thanks for this awesome tips,i will remember all these tips or when we will go to this lovely place then all these tips are really helpful for me..So thanks for this..!

  • Dave

    At first I thought why would anyone want to bet on the Tour de France, but the I thought about all the betting done on other sports and thought why not. I’ve placed some bets with friends on NFL and things like that but never have done it through an online gambling site.