To Roswell & Amp; Beyond

In an unprecedented break from the norm, today’s post has NOTHING to do with bicycles.  What it does have a lot of is pure, unadulterated AMAZEBALLS! 

Sunday saw Austrian born, Felix Baumgartner break intergalactic records and thrust his daredevil exploits in to the home of millions around the world.  Unless you have been asleep for the last week or been trapped in traffic behind the trundling Endeavour I’m sure you heard about the Red Bull Stratos mission, which sent Felix to a height of around 128,000ft (24 miles) above Earth, only for him to jump off of his capsule and free fall back down.  Oh, and on the way he reached a maximum speed of 833mph (Mach 1.24 if you so please)  and in doing so, broke the sound barrier without mechanical assistance. 

Now I think we can all agree that this guy is pretty badass and he and his team deserve to be celebrated for their achievements.  Without people like that pushing the boundaries of what is possible, where would our species be!?  Take 1% of Mr Baumgartner’s awesomeness, do something special today and spread the word.  Below is a selection of photos and videos straight from the Red Bull Stratos website celebrating the feat.  Enjoy and I hope it inspires you to do something extraordinary.



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