Washing My Cycling Kit….Old School Style

Hand Wash Cycling Kit

What’s your cycling kit washing routine?  I thought I’d give you a quick behind the scenes look at what I do here in Grenada.  Here’s my old school kit washing video with all the details.


  • Tom Medlicott

    Hand, or machine wash – I always hang it out to dry

  • GeneGeanie

    You can add Borax or Borax substitute to your wash in addition to detergent etc. to get rid of that sweat stink that builds up over time with your kit.
    I like to use delicates bags. One for fine jerseys or base layers and another for velco stuff.

    • Tom Medlicott

      Thanks for the tips. I’ve used Borax – but without added detergent. That would work better.

  • Brent

    Ha, I prefer the modern way. Thank goodness for washing machines and a wife who washes my cycling kits for me.

  • G Bolleau

    I sometimes wash my cycling clothes outside in the summer. It’s a nice way to finish off a ride and get the gear ready for next time.