What I Know For Sure

  • I know that today’s blog will be filled with things I know for sure as well as some strange things I know for sure.  Just like me…..partly normal, partly strange.

  • I know that jumping in the ocean right after riding my bike in the heat, is the best possible way to refresh myself.

  • I know that I have the best Wife and the three best kids that any guy could ever ask for.

  • I know that there was a time when I didn’t think I could ever live without a dishwasher, but now I know I can live with much less than that and still be extremely happy.

  • I know that simplicity is one of the secrets to happiness.  I know it might be hard to convince you of that, especially if you are living in one of today’s fast paced cities……but I do know this is true.  “The Less You Own, The Less That Owns You”

  •  I know that I dearly need to set things up so that I can rely on a bike for transportation much more than a vehicle.

  • I know that Schwalbe tires are the best I’ve ever used on any bike….ever.  Good stuff.

  • I know that I must try to remember to see things as a child more often.  That way I can better understand what’s going on in my children’s lives.

  • I know that if you’re biking and you come across some goats, they will dart off to the side of road…….most of the time.

  • I know that this only applies “most of the time” as I’ve had two friends collide with goats while biking.

  • I know that cows are a little trickier as it’s hard to know which direction they are going to turn.  Luckily I’ve come across far more goats than cows while I’m biking.

  • I know that living on an island where goats, sheep, pigs and cows roam freely is pretty cool.  But I also know that if I were living on a farm in Saskatchewan with these same animal circumstances, I wouldn’t think of it as being very cool.

  • I know that I love waking up and putting on shorts and a t-shirt without even having to think about how the weather is going to be that day.

  • I know that I was meant to live in a place where I can cycle all year round….I’m a wimp so that means it has to remain over 70 Fahrenheit.

  • I know that some of my best thoughts come while I’m biking.  I know that I often wish I had a way to record my thoughts while I’m on the bike because if I try to write down later what I was thinking, it never comes out the same way.

  • I know that when I asked my Wife what she knows for sure, she answered with “I know that I Love You”.  I know I am a very lucky guy and feel the same way about her.

  • I know that the Caribbean will always be in my soul.  I know that I love Canada as well, but it is a different kind of connection.

  • It’s Friday, and I know that this has always been a favorite day of the week for me.  I also know that there is no better day than this one to go out there and do what you love best.

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