Are Cycling Podcasts For You?

There is also the option to download it to iTunes, or subscribe to the podcasts so that each time we launch a new one it will automatically get downloaded to your iTunes.  The benefits of downloading it to iTunes is that you can then put it on your iPod and take it on the go with you.

To make it even easier, Victor has put together this screencast to show you how to subscribe:

What makes Podcast so Popular?

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons.  They are easy to listen to (and hopefully entertaining), and you’re able to tune in while you’re doing other things such as cleaning the house, surfing the internet, or driving in your car.  The ease and convenience of this technology is super powerful. This is what makes them so fantastic.

What can I learn by listening to Cycling360?

The Cycling360 Podcast is a unique combination of a Cycling Guru, Cycling Coach, and a guy who loves Cycling.  Together, the three of us are able to talk about any aspect of cycling from three distinct viewpoints.  It makes for some great listening and we know that you’re going to get a great deal out of each episode.  You really will become a better cyclist by listening to these shows.

Interact with Cycling 360

You might not be a podcast kind of person, and that’s totally cool….but I’d like to invite each of you over to check out what Cycling 360 is all about.  Even if you only listen in for a couple minutes of one of the shows, I’d be sincerely gracious.  Even better would be to hear back from you and find out what you liked, disliked, found interesting, or whatever else.  Get back to me over here, or over at the cycling 360 site itself.  You can also interact with the Cycling 360 boys through e-mail at, Twitter at @cycling360, or our Facebook Fanpage.  Oh, and you can also leave a review of our podcasts on iTunes.  This would be greatly appreciated and to find out how you can do that, check out this article on How to Leave an iTunes Review.

Thanks for letting me plug this super cool project that I’m involved with, and I hope to catch you all over at Cycling 360.

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  • Archergal

    I got a lot of good ideas out of the last podcast on hydration!  Y’all are doing good work — keep it up!

    BTW, I don’t have an iPod, but I use another podcatcher (MyPodder) and download the episodes to my mp3 player (Cowon D2) with no problems.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I really appreciate your comments and thanks for letting us know about the MyPodder.  We hope you will tune in to more episodes….just launched out latest today:

  • Anonymous

    Darryl, you guys are doing a great job with the podcast.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks Bryan….respect.