What’s the Deal with E-Bike Conversion Kits?

Since 2010 there has been a surge in the Electric Bicycle market, but what’s the deal with these things anyway?  Instead of posting about the whole E-Bike market, we’re focusing on the conversion kits which allow you to turn a regular bike into a hybrid electric bicycle.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking….why would you want to do this, or maybe you’re saying that an E-Bike is not really a bicycle.  I hear what you’re saying and would love to find out your thoughts on all of this, so have a look through our comments on E-Bike conversion kits and then let your replies fly.

Xtracycle with conversion kit

We, of course, love to see people out there cycling and encourage non-riders to join us in our passion for the bike.  E-Bike conversion kits just might be the kick that some people need to start using their bike for more riding, commuting, touring, and moving into the car-free lifestyle. I think there are a lot of people out there who aren’t confident enough or feel strong enough to use their bicycle for more of these activities, but having the back up assistance of the electric conversion kit has nudged a lot of riders to start doing it.  If a conversion kit can do this for a person, then we’re all for it.  Here are just a few quotes from people who have started to ride due to adding an e-bike conversion kit:

“I find it amazing that, as a woman beyond college age, I can easily keep up commuting daily, likely year-round the 15 miles to my job. Commuting is now simply a lot of fun.”

“My bike is handling the 15 miles one way commute home from work like a snap. Because I am climbing from 0 elevation to about 600 ft most of my ride home is uphill. The battery pack makes it the whole way!”

“I have ridden over 400 miles and would recommend it to anyone who wants the power of an electric, and the flexibility of a fine standard bike.”

“The first time I tried out an electric bicycle I was thrilled. With osteoarthritis, I have been unable to use a bicycle much. Now I have found a way to bike again without injury.”

Mountain Bike with e-bike conversion kit

An e-kit enables riders to get up that nasty hill that lies between them and a bicycle commute to work. It may also be that extra support when out pulling the kids or a cargo trailer behind.  Whatever the reason, I feel that these electric bike kits are doing a great job at introducing more people to the ways of the bike.  Ideally, these people are using human power for the most part, but taking in the advantages of the e-power when absolutely necessary.

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