Why I think Every Cyclist is a Champion

I am Strong. I am Powerful. I will Overcome. I am a Champion. This isn’t just some crazy mantra from one of those cults you read about in magazines. This is something that if said to ourselves every day, and believed….would not only change our lives….but our cycling as well.

That’s right. How many cyclists do you know that get out there and hit it as hard as they can, but never once think of themselves as a champ? I know there’s a bunch. But why? Only a small percentage of the population has the determination to consistently get out there and make themselves better via exercise. Anyone who chooses to push himself or herself or who chooses self propulsion over machine is definitely a champion.

Now runners, rowers, dancers, and everyone else, don’t get me wrong. We know y’all are champions, but for the purpose of my blogs, I’m going to focus on the cyclist. Because…well, that’s just my thing. My passion. When I see a cyclist out there in anything but perfect conditions, I can feel their energy resonating inside of me. There is no way you can tell me that right then at that moment, they are not a true champion. Or the guy on his mountain bike cycling to work in the snow…and it’s minus too many degrees outside. Absolutely a champion. What about the child learning to ride on two wheels for the first time? The one who tips over, skins their knee and then says, “let me try one more time”. Come on man, these people have champion written all over them.

When you see a cyclist out there on the road, do you ever wonder what they’re thinking, or what brought them to where they are right now? Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself doing this a lot. I’ll see a cyclist out on the road at dusk and think, “wow, I’ll bet this guy just finished a long day at work and although he’s tired, he’s out there crushing it on his bike instead of doing about a million other things he probably could have found to do”. “This guy is totally in love with the bike….Awesome”. He’s not just another cyclist I saw out on the road. He’s got a story. He’s got passion. He’s a champion in his own right.

You’ve got to remind yourselves that it’s not just the people up on the podium that are the victors. The rest of us are champions of our own personal victories. There are countless stories and we know them well. My fellow cycling fanatics, it’s time to celebrate. Keep on loving the bike, but take some time to love what you’re doing as well. Remind yourself of who you are and go get ‘em champ.

I am Strong. I am Powerful. I will Overcome. I am a Champion.