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I read a nice article the other week entitled, #whyweride which highlighted a twitter discussion on the topic. It was great to see all the different responses to why those individuals ride a bike. I find it very interesting to see why other people love cycling so much and what it is that motivates them to devote their time and energy to it. No doubt, it’s a hot topic. With sites like www.whyibike.com, www.whyibike.org, and countless blogs and stories explaining “Why I Ride”, I’ve been able to keep myself quite busy reading about our great love for the bike.  The amount of passion for cycling out there has enough emotion and energy to blow anybody away. It’s incredible….and I Love It.

I know why I ride. I know exactly why I ride and it gets me on my bike day after day, year after year. But when I thought about it, I wasn’t totally sure why it is that I blog….or blog about cycling for that matter. I started this website for quite a few different reasons, but I never really sat down and sorted them through to find out exactly why. So here it is, and I am open and happy to share them all with you.

1. Freedom – It’s tough to classify my reasoning in order, but I would honestly have to say that my number one reason

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for starting this page was to get myself online. What I mean is that with a plan to move my family to another country as soon as I can, my goal is to have an online business or presence that allows me to generate even a little bit of income from any location on the planet.

I brainstormed on many different ideas and concepts, but wasn’t able to find an online business that fit my values and desires. So my search continued.

2. Passion – When I wasn’t able to find my “get rich quick” (with morals) business online I decided to hold off searching for a portable business of freedom, and change my thinking a little bit. I picked up a great book called “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk….actually I got the audio version which was a first for me. It’s a great book for many reasons (Gary’s personality is enough to make it a valuable purchase), but what I got out of it most was: Passion First, everything else second.

So what sort of thing could I do online that I would love to do no matter what…something that I would love to do even if I didn’t make money at it. It didn’t take long to see that it had to be cycling.

3. Community – Okay, so I had my passion and knew that I wanted to take it online. But since getting this site up and running I’ve realized that I am doing this for more than passion. Right away, I realized that being part of a world-wide online cycling community is such a rewarding experience. I’ve met amazing people, been inspired by incredible stories, and have learnt so much more about cycling than I ever knew was out there.

Being part of a great online cycling community provides so much more. It keeps me totally on top of my sport. It allows me to learn about new technology, new strategies, new equipment, and so much more. Finally, it allows me to share my passion among like minded people….and hopefully others who either find my posts interesting or want to learn more.

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