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The Rays of Wisdom

4. Writing – I love to write….which is a good thing if I’m going to keep putting up content on this site. I used to do

motivational type writing for an organization I created called “The Rays of Wisdom”. I enjoyed the writing I did for the Rays and am loving getting back into it here. For some of my blogs, I’ve already used concepts and themes that I wrote about with the Rays, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using more in the future.

5. Monetize – As I already mentioned, I would do this website even if I wasn’t getting paid for it. With that said, I am looking at ways that I can monetize this site in some way.  We have some great sponsors on the site and definitely are loving their support, but I have to be honest and transparent here, and say that it’s definitely something I would like to incorporate more of into the site. I would like for this monetizing to come from something other than Google adsense, Affiliate links, and things like that….but I am exploring these as potential options. As long as I feel that they have a place, do not take away from the site, and are morally sound, I’ll likely give some of these options a go.

I’ve also signed onto something called “My Likes”. Now this is a program that pays you to promote certain products through social media. My only intention with this program is to talk about and promote products and services that I 100% believe in and have no problem encouraging others to check out as well. I actually haven’t used My Likes very often, but am thinking of using it some more. But as I use it, I’m going to keep asking for feedback to make sure they come across in a positive manner. So keep me accountable here guys….if I start using something that just ain’t cool, be sure to let me know.

So at the moment, I would call my blogging a hobby. It takes a lot of time, requires a lot of energy, it doesn’t directly improve my athletic performance…..but I appreciate and enjoy it. It’s a great hobby that correlates to loving the bike, and all the reasons why I ride.

Why do you blog? Why do you run a website? What attracts you to reading blogs?


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  • Pedalman

    ‘Crush It’ is a fantastic book. I had lunch with Gary and went to a few events with him. He is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. With the heart behind any project you will succeed, and you my friend will succeed.