You’re Never Too Old to Learn

I am extremely proud to introduce our newest contributor at Loving the Bike. Kassidy is my 11 year old daughter and will be writing posts about once a month. She is a great little writer and I hope you (and your kids) enjoy what she has to offer.  - Darryl

For my first post on Loving the Bike, I didn’t know what to write. Then I remembered how I learned to ride a bike.

When I was four years old, my mom and dad bought me a bike.  I got on and just rode!  Just Kidding!

Actually, when I was four, I lived on the island of St. Kitts.  I moved there when I was four and was seven when we left.  St. Kitts had bad roads, so it wasn’t safe for kids to be on them on a bike.  So I didn’t learn when we lived there.

When I was seven, we moved to Austin Texas.  I tried to learn there, but never seemed to figure out how to do it.  Then we went to Cambell River to see if we liked it enough to move there.  When we were there, I borrowed a scooter from the neighbors so I had something to do.  I think it helped me find my balance.

Then we moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  When I was nine, one of my friends came to play. She was riding her bike so my dad asked if I could borrow it.  My dad made me get on and try to ride. Once I got on, I was riding!  It was so easy.

So that means I was nine years old when I learned to ride a bike.  Maybe older than some kids learn, but never too late to enjoy all the fun that can be had on a bike.


  • Christine Pfrimmer

    Well done Kassidy! I remember those streets in St. Kitts… I actually had a bike there but never used it! The hills are pretty steep there too… it was a challenge just pushing a stroller! I’ll read your blog to Felix this afternoon when he comes home from first grade :) Keep up the good work!!!

  • Carla Teakles

    Awesome post Kassidy. Well done it was a very enjoyable read can’t wait till your next post. You did a great job!!!

    • Darryl

      Thanks Carla and Lynne, I’m glad you stopped by to check out Kassidy’s post. I hope you’ll drop by more often….especially on the days that she posts.

  • Lynne McKay

    Well done, I really enjoyed reading your first blog and am looking forward to your next. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  • VitaminLee

    Well Done Kassidy!! I really enjoyed reading your post and I’m looking forward to reading many more.

  • Loving the Bike

    I just sat down and read over all of your comments with Kassidy and she was so excited to hear what y’all had to say. Thank you for providing her with the motivation to continue doing this and to become the incredible writer I know she can become.


  • Bryan

    Nice post Kassidy! You’re never too old to learn to ride.

  • Liza

    WOW Kassidy! It is so amazing to see your work up on this site! You are a beautiful and talented girl and I can’t wait to see what roads you travel down. That is great advice for every obstacle people meet in their lives ” you are never to old to learn…”, Just remember where ever life takes you, you always have your family and friends cheering you on! SOO Proud of you girl!!

  • Tony

    Awesome job Kassidy. I can already see you tucked down in an aero position tearing up the roads. Great writing skills, keep it up. I was 7 when I first learned and can still remember how great it was to stay up without falling. Good job!!

  • Jim

    Brilliant writing, Kassidy.

    My son just learned to bike this Spring. He mastered the scooter first, too, then jumped on a bike and rode into the sunset.

    Keep at the writing. You’ve got mad skills there.

    • Kevin

      Great words Kassidy! Society/some parents have placed alot of pressure on children to learn everything under the sun when they are soooo young often just to compete with other peoples children so not to make their kids look bad or be viewed as being ‘behind”. there is no set age or time for anything and this story represents so much of true living! it is very inspiring and is so real!! thank you for sharing, you have made a difference for alot of people whom think they have to have they children on a bike at a very young age! can’t wait for your next blog!!!!

  • Tim

    Awesome. Looking forward to more #bikeschool from Kassidy. Great job.

  • Amanda

    Great job Kassidy!!! I couldn’t wait to read your first post, and I’m so proud of you!
    Can’t wait to read more. :)

    • VitaminLee

      Ditto Amanda – I just got home from work and this is my guilty pleasure.

  • Paul Higley

    Hey Kassidy, well done! I like your attitude about learning! You’re right of course, and learning is so fun that I’ll never stop… even when I’m 90! Looking forward to your next post -

  • Cassi

    Kassidy, you did such a great job writing this post – it made me try to remember when I learned to ride a bike (which I am sorry to say, I can’t – because I am *that* old! hahah!) But it did bring back memories of the first new bike I ever had, and so I thank you for that memory. I really like the picture of you on your very nice bike. You are going to have so much fun growing up riding with your family. Looking forward to your posts!

  • Laura

    Awesome Kassidy. You are a very good writer (maybe you should stay here and help Tyler when he needs to write reports for school). I am very proud of you. Looking forward to the next one!

  • loretta

    Awesome.Your dad is sooo right you are truly a wonderful writer.Now more reasons to look forward to reading this blog everyday.tons of love to you to Kassidy from her very proud auntie.xo

  • Clive Chapman

    Well done! I really enjoyed reading that. It brings back my first 2 wheeled memories! Now there’s an idea… :-)

  • Myron

    Great first post Kassidy! I’m looking forward to reading about your biking adventures.