Bikes Make Life Better

As a proud supporter of the organization called People for Bikes, it makes me super happy when I see them doing cool things.  This week they released a video called “Bikes Make Life Better”, and I’m sure that all of you out there would agree with this statement.  If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch this beautiful video they put together….if you’ve already seen it, give it another view.  Yeah, it’s that good.

In the 2:34 that the video plays for, they are able to capture the feeling of what cycling is all about.  Well done, guys.  I invite all of you over to sign the People for Bikes Pledge to help promote bikey goodness.

Bikes definitely Make Life Better.

  • Janeacycle

    Love the campaign but how can you produce a bike video with cyclists NOT wearing helmets???  or proper lighting???

    • Darryl

      Thanks for your comments.  I sort of was wondering the same thing, but I got so caught up by the beauty and vibe of the video that I totally forgot about it.


  • middleagedmaninlycra

     Completely agree with the sentiment of this film. Let’s have more bikes and fewer cars on the roads.

    • Darryl

      Thanks for checking it out.  Yeah, those People for Bikes guys sure know what it’s all about don’t they?

  • Jim (@bikerly)

     Really like this video…captures it for me too, D.

    Have a super weekend on the bike.