Cycling Tips from Broken Bones

Cycling Tips from Broken BonesLast year at Interbike, I picked a company called Broken Bones as my favorite of the show.  It wasn’t because they had the best technology or had the best bike, but because of the very cool attitude they were bringing to the cycling industry.

I  like to call myself a rule-breaker, and I’m definitely far from being normal traditional….so I generally migrate towards companies that do things differently.

Anyway, Josh from Broken Bones bicycles just launched the Broken Bones Garage webcast series.  In it he gives tips on training, diet, strategy and also tells some of his best crazy “racing in other countries” horror stories.

We’re teaming up with Josh and the Broken Bones Garage and will be featuring some of his tips over here at Loving the Bike.  Here’s the first one all about how smiling can help get you through the suffer points of your ride.  Watch for more from Josh in the coming weeks.

  • Duncan

    I read this earlier this morning before going out riding and when I embarked on my first climb I gave it a try. About a mile into the climb I was hurting so I put a big grin on my face and it actually helped. The climb still took a lot out of me but I felt good. Great tip. Thanks guys.