Grenada By Bike: Cruise Ships

Grenada By Bike: Cruise Ships

Here’s another edition of our Grenada By Bike feature in which we highlight a different aspect of Grenada as seen from a bicycle.  This time around I stopped just West of the capital city of St. George’s to capture a cruise ship in at port.

It’s said that the cruise ship industry injects nearly $2 billion a year into the economies of the Caribbean, so you can easily imagine what these floating hotels mean to an island like Grenada.

Enjoy Your Ride.  Bike Grenada.

  • Sam

    We were in Grenada once on a cruise ship but never did any biking while there. If we come back again I’ll be sure to look into spending some time on a bike.

  • Rosalie

    Eagerly awaiting our visit to Grenada. You know how cold and grey the great white north is this time of the year. See you in March!!