How to Prevent Misfiring on your Clip-In

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  • Aaron

    I just started riding with clipless pedals a month ago and still learning. It is tips like this that I really need. I like the idea of keeping my hips up and locating the pedal. I always seem to sit down before clipping in and now I realize that isn’t the best approach.

  • Frank D

    Thank you for these tips. I don’t always miss on my clip in but it does happen so anything to keep me clipped in the better.

  • Beth

    I will try these tips today. I liked the cute video.

  • Jenny

    It sometimes feels like the whole world is watching me when I attempt to clip in at a traffic light. I have heard some of this advice before and what you wrote is a good reminder for me. I will keep practicing.

  • Bruce Bernstein

    Nice article. Shared to my FB page.