Let’s Talk About Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone


For this “Let’s Talk” feature, we want you to build the post with you comments on the topic of getting outside your comfort zone…on and off the bike.

We always hear about getting out of your comfort zone and how it can make for a radiant life….but what are you doing to make sure you keep getting outside of yours?

In this edition of “Let’s Talk” I explain how I’ve recently went outside my comfort zone and now I want you to do the same.  Let us know what you’ve done to get out of yours and how you feel.  Or maybe there’s something you’re wanting to do, and writing about it just might help push you out of your comfort zone.  It’s time to Make it Happen.

  • http://www.reasons2ride.com/ Joel Phillips

    This question evokes quite an ontological query into how the world occurs to us as an individual. Consider there isn’t a comfort zone but rather it’s a self-imposed boundary that limits possibilites. In reality, what you are willing to do and what you avoid are directly related to fear. “Will I have enough or make enough money”, “How much is it going to hurt”, “What will other people think” or “I’m not good enough”. Do you think people like Bill Gates, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela or Michael Jordan have comfort zones?

    There is an anonymous quote, “I am willing to do today what others won’t do, so I will have tomorrow what others won’t have.” These are not the words of a person that has a “comfort zone” these are the words of a person that is willing to do WHATEVER it takes to be successful. You see at this stage of the game it’s all mental and catchy phrases like, “comfort zone,” are disempowering. Let me try to provide an example to illustrate:

    Person A…I want to climb the Col deAbisque on a fixie, but it’s way out of my comfort zone.
    Person B…I want to climb the Col deAbisque on a fixie and I’m going to have to train for a year.

    From these two statements, which person would you bet on having success?

    You see, our thoughts manifest into our words and actions; it occurs to me that thinking something is outside my comfort zone is the first step towards failure. However, understanding that anything is possible, I can choose to be committed to success, whatever that looks like. Bottom line, the only thing that stands between you and whatever you want out of life is you.

  • JuiceLee337

    I would say the following qualifies as being outside My comfort zone: I’ve never juiced. Recently bought a juicer and made a commitment to only juice for 28 days. I’m 21 days in: lost 24.2 lbs, sleeping sounder and longer, plenty of energy, although not enough to train anaerobic zones.