Our Top 5 Cycling Tips: #3

Top 5 Cycling Tips

In our Loving the Bike number 3 tip, we discuss the importance of stretching and how it can improve your cycling performance and keep you healthy.

In tip #5 from earlier this week, I mentioned how there’s really nothing better than time on the bike to improve your cycling….but now I’m going to explain how this off the bike routine can help you out as well.  Yeah, stretching is so ultimately important for keeping your body performing well.

In our #3 tip, I go over a few tips on stretching for cyclists and also provide my favorites for you as well.

Loving the Bike Cycling Tip #3 – Stretching

For additional stretches and stretching tips, have a look at our Stretching and Conditioning section….and for that post on yoga for cyclists, read our “Loosen Up Your Tight Hips” post.

Kelli is in tomorrow with our Loving the Bike Cycling Tip #2.  I won’t give it away, but you can bet it has something to do with nutrition and better performance on the bike.

  • http://twitter.com/Eclogite_ATX Paul Kirby

    I totally agree. I stretch every morning whether I’m riding or not and I also stretch before and after each ride. Pretty important for us guys over 40!

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yeah, I’m finding that stretching becomes more and more important each year…..but those young guys need to keep up with it as well. Thanks for your comments, Paul.

  • Benji

    I’ve done a couple of those stretches before but never that one where you cross your legs over. I just tried it and it feels great. I’ll be adding it to my stretching routine. Thanks for the tips.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Glad you tried it. It’s definitely a top stretch for those glutes. Very important for cyclists.

  • Adam

    Yes stretching is so ultimately important. I do yoga three times a week and stretch at home on most other days. I find myself getting very tight and sore if I don’t keep up with my stretching. Good choice of stretches for those cycling legs.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Sounds like you’ve got things covered in the stretching department. Do you find that they cover a lot of the muscles used in cycling when you take a Yoga class…or are you doing yoga on your own?