Look Who’s Loving the Bike

At the top of each month, Loving the Bike posts comments sharing some of the best cycling stories and memories ever. We enlist the response of our readers to learn about their reasons for Loving the Bike and we look forward to hearing from you as well. Please fill out the form below letting us know about your best or most memorable cycling memory, or why you love the bike.

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  • http://smallwheelsbigsmile.blogspot.com/ taiwoon

    I am from singapore and I ride because I like to. I like the freedom and that I can see many things in familar places. In the name of progress, Singapore is also tearing down many buildings and places. Places that meant alot to me. My blog aims to capture the memories and the simple pleasure of just riding. I don’t care if it is a cheap bike, super expensive bike..just ride, because u want to.


    Pls keep rolling and I would love to hear from u! best regards