Hashtag Tuesday: #ridethroughwinter

For all of you living in places where the cycling streets are covered in white stuff all winter, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Yes, my friends….Spring is on it’s way. I’m definitely a cold weather riding wimp and could never imagine riding through a cold and snowy winter, but I’ve met a lot of hardcores who do it each and every year.

Sam Haraldson (@sharalds) and his group of riding buddies from Bozeman, MT don’t let winter get in the way of their riding…and last November they launched the cycling hashtag #ridethroughwinter to help celebrate this fact.


LTB: When did you first send out a tweet with #ridethroughwinter?

@sharalds: The hashtag was born November 18th 2010, about the time I put the studded tires on my bicycle in prep for our beloved Montana winter.

The first tweet it appeared in was as follows:

@sharalds: Rode home from @BZNBikeKitchen with a beautiful flurry of snow falling from the sky and accumulating on the street. #ridethruwinter.

I got a few complaints from friends that disliked the word “thru” and it then morphed into #ridethroughwinter.  In fact there is a Tweet from fellow BZN cyclist @singletrackm1nd questioning this dilemna:

@SingletrackM1nd: Ok Bzn peeps I need a ruling here. Is it gonna be #ridethruwinter or #ridethroughwinter? I’m getting confused, although that’s easy to do.

My group of friends are all year-round cyclists and when the weather gets bad we tend to give each other virtual high-fives regarding riding in these conditions so a hashtag like #ridethroughwinter is the perfect way to do that.

LTB: What city are you from and what is it like to ride there through winter?

@sharalds: I reside in Bozeman, Montana where winter can start as early as October and end as late as June.  We have snow and ice on the streets for at least six months of the year and regularly get cold snaps of -20 deg F that can last up to two weeks.

LTB: How many years have you been riding through winter?

@sharalds: I started commuting year-round in ’06 or ’07 when I was living in Duluth, MN.  I consider my new home of Bozeman to be absolutely tame compared to Duluth.

LTB: Have you seen the #ridethroughwinter hashtag used a lot?  Can you remember a favorite tweet that included it?

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