Hashtag Tuesday: #ridethroughwinter

@sharalds: I was interested to find fellow Bozeman cyclists picking up the use of the hashtag but haven’t been paying attention to whether it has spread viral at all.  Anyone that would tag a tweet with it would probably get along with me because it takes a certain someone to ride their bicycle all year round and I like that kind of person!  Just knowing that a few hard men and women are bicycle commuting to work in 25 deg F temps strengths a bond between us. If I was to suggest a favorite tweet of mine that used the hashtag I would say it was:

@sharalds: The bite of a Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro into ice atop asphalt. #ridethruwinter

LTB: You’re almost done with #ridethroughwinter….how excited are you about #SummerRiding?

@sharalds: Bicycling-wise I’m just as excited for summer as I am for winter.  I get to ride a lot no matter what time of year it is so I’m always stoked. Come summer I’ll swap my snowboard for my mountain bike and that will be nice but here in SW Montana we try to live in the moment and keep ourselves from always looking ahead to the whatever the next season will bring. I throw another hashtag around from time to time (winter and summer) and that’s #cycle300.  I set a goal for myself this year to ride 300 days and am so far on track to do so.

Sam has a bunch of his winter cycling photos up on his Flikr account, and can be tweeted at @sharalds. Thanks for sharing your #ridethroughwinter story with us.

Photo c/o Sam Haraldson

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  • http://twitter.com/SingletrackM1nd Casey

    Wolf Pack.

  • http://twitter.com/PedalmanTO PedalmanTO

    Now Sam is certainly a brother of mine! #ridethroughwinter

    • Anonymous

      I knew you were going to like this one.

    • Anonymous

      Highfive ride through winter, brotha!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic interview! Love the top pic, but I do think you needed another in your marvelous alpaca coat.

    • Anonymous

      The alpaca coat is stunning, I agree. Not as practical with that much snow on the ground though ; )

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great read, Darryl! #ridethroughwinter

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome, Sam…thanks for providing me with such great information. I’m definitely not a cold weather rider and I moved to Austin so that I can #ridethroughwinter. Nothing at all like what you guys go through…..amazing.


      • Anonymous

        We do what we’ve got to do.