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  1. Jimmy
    October 5, 2012

    If only the cyclists respected the lights they are originally supposed to honor.

  2. Helen Blackman
    October 5, 2012

    “a manoeuver particularly dangerous for cyclists, because it’s often difficult for motorists to see those on bikes when making a left turn.”
    Sorry but that is really badly phrased. Car drivers are quite capable of seeing cyclists, they’re not performing some extraordinarily difficult feat in turning left at a roundabout. They don’t see because they don’t look. Or, worse, they look and think ‘oh f*ck it, it’s only a cyclist, I’ll go anyway.” Most of the time they just underestimate the speed at which you are travelling, overtake, brake, and then wonder why you’re screaming blue murder at them.
    Don’t excuse car drivers’ behaviour by saying left turns at roundabouts are difficult – it’s piss poor, selfish driving that causes accidents, not stealth ninja cyclists somehow hiding in plain view.

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