Staying Loose Boosts Every Workout


Ever been cycling and your legs get that tense feeling? It feels like your leg weighs three times what it should and everything just seizes up. Your tendons, nerves, muscles and even joints, just lock up and freeze. You have a cramp and your muscles are spasming. It can be a strange feeling for most people but if you workout regularly or if you’re on your bicycle a lot of the time, you’ll know this feeling for sure. What can be done about it? You can’t just say ‘oh woe is me’, you have to consider what is causing this to happen and how you could prevent it. Yes, it’s partly to do with fatigue but it’s also a lot to do with the lack of planning. Your body needs to stay loose for as long as possible, but that occurs even before your workout.

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Aahh, leg cramp!

For all cyclists, cramp is the number one enemy. Just when you’re almost at the top of a hill, your muscles just stop working. And the pain from the spasms can last for a few seconds or it can carry on for a few minutes. The muscle has had it, it’s just been ridden until the back blows out. But you can do a few things to ease the pain. Firstly, you need to use a stretch band to help straighten out your leg. Get on the floor so you have a stable surface, then place it around your foot and pull back while keeping your leg straight. This should flex your feet and your tendons while giving your muscles a stretch too. When you do this, you’re giving the toxins and waste acid in your muscles a smooth straight road to exit the area so that new fresh oxygenated blood can arrive.

Just chillout 

The more and more we find out about certain smokable substances, the more we realize how beneficial they are to our sporting lifestyles. Check out the purple space cookies that has one of the highest ratings for relaxing the mind and body. This is something that many people use to help their body with chronic pains and other issues like anxiety. However, used for sport, your muscles will stay much more relaxed for longer, you’ll be able to remain flexible no matter how hard the workout becomes. If you’re riding uphill on a lower gear, you’re less likely to get cramp thanks to this substance. It also makes the user happier which is going to help you enjoy your mountain biking a lot more.

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A bright supplement

We all know that magnesium burns brightly, but in a supplement form, it’s one of the best tools against cramps. Usually, it’s taken by pregnant women that are getting cramps but it’s also something riders can use to give them an extra edge. It will prevent your nerves from locking up quicker.

Staying loose for as long as possible is really going to help you push harder and go further. Leg cramps are the number one issue that stops cyclists from enjoying long rides so carry a stretch band with you at all times.

Enjoy Your Ride
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Sugar Alternatives for Energy and Hydration

Question: I am using the homebrew sugar formulations (sometimes added to green tea).  I am also trying to wean myself off 1/2 dose adrenalean “lip tonic delivery system” (biorhythm brand- caffeine, hoodia g, synephrine, yohimbe) capsule for energy.

My question is other than juice, can you suggest modifications in lieu of table sugar for energy and hydration.


Both raw/organic honey or agave can work great in the homebrew (substitute in the same quantities for the sugar, or to taste), but you do have to shake well in order to make sure they don’t settle out.  Have you tried either of these?  Also, make sure to use at least the minimum amount of salt recommended in the homebrew as the temps rise, you need the sodium replacement if you’re sweating.

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