Tina Turner

As you know, I’m primarily a road cyclist.  It’s what I love the most, and what I spend the majority of my riding time on.  But there are times when I want to commute somewhere or get out riding with the kids, so I need something for that as well.

My secondary bike has always been a mountain bike.  I’m not sure why exactly because I don’t really tend to ride on trails at all.  So what I decided to go with this time around was a commuter type bike. Something rugged like a mountain bike, but with thinner tires and a design more conducive to fast riding.  I ended up going with the Rocky Mountain RC10, which they classify as an Urban/Fitness bike.

In last week’s #bikeschool, one of the questions asked was about the names people give their bikes.  I feel like I’m a creative guy, but I’ve never named any of my bikes in the past.  So, with the help of John (aka @thegreenmamba)…my new Rocky Mountain now has a name.  He’s dubbed it “Tina Turner” due to the little mishap I had with the bike before even putting one pedal stroke on it.  You can read about that right here.  John is calling me Ike and referring to my bike as Tina seeing as I gave it quite a beating back there.  (Please don’t take offence to the reasoning behind the new name…and find the humor in it).

Anyway, Tina had her reconstructive surgery and is now back with me (Huge thanks to Jamie and John from Lake Travis Cyclerly).  It’s a sweet bike and I’m looking forward to putting on many miles and good times on this one.  If you’d like to read more about the specifications and technical details of my new RC10, you can check it out at http://www.bikes.com/main+en+01_102+RC_10.html?BIKE=876&CATID=3&SCATID=53.

I’d like to end this post off with one more picture of Tina Turner, as well as a few other bikes that have caught my eye over the past few weeks.  I find pretty much any bike to be a thing of beauty, but these ones stand out just a little bit more.

"Elisabetta" c/o Cassi at www.shebicycles.com

Madsen kg271/BUCKET

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