Loving the Bite: Pre-Ride Sodium-Loading Lemonade

Bonus Recipe: Beet & Sodium Pre-LoadPre-LoadLemonade (3)

Recently, we discussed the emerging research on beets and their effects on oxygen use and delivery to the muscles.  Why not go ahead and add some beets to this mix?  Either mix 8 oz. Pre-load lemonade w/ 8 oz. beet juice (still using full amount of sodium) OR add 2-3 tsp freeze-dried beet root powder to the recipe as written above.  Extra sodium and nitrates.  Really, you can’t beet it.

This week, get a jump-start on your sodium and fluid needs, especially if you feel like you sweat more than most.  When you stay “ahead” with fueling, you can ride confidently and finish strong.  One of the best feelings on two wheels.

Fuel Your Ride. Nourish Your Body.


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  • Sarah

    I read this somewhere else this week too! I could have used this yesterday…. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kelli, RD

      No problem, Sarah – I hope you enjoy it! It’s definitely a good way to start, and very refreshing:)