Three Big Dudes and the Bike

As we all know, the bike is a beautiful and amazing thing…but the importance it holds and the personal meaning it possesses differs for each and every one of us. For three web friends of mine, the bike is the answer to achieving their weight loss goals, obtaining better health, and improving their overall fitness.

My buddies, Clive Chapman, Bryan Dewberry, and Joel Phillips are three big dudes.  I wanted to make sure they were okay with me calling them that before mentioning it here in this post, and they were cool with it.  But, with the motivation and focus that these guys have….pretty soon, I’m just going to have to start calling them dudes.  Each of these guys have their own blogs and they talk about the day to day journey of using the bike to help meet their weight objectives, and here’s a quick overview showing who they are and what their story is all about.

Be sure to check out the contest at the bottom of the post. We’re giving away a Sweet Leaf Tea XL jersey to any of your “Bigger Dudes” out there who are using (or want to use) cycling as a way to reach your goals. We’re hoping this jersey will either motivate you to get down in weight so you can fit into this jersey, or to lose weight so you’re no longer wearing an XL.  Just leave a comment below explaining your story and you’re in to WIN.

Congratulations to Eric McWhirter, the winner of our “Big Dudes” contest.  Eric receives an XL Sweet Leaf Tea Jersey and we’ll be watching him and cheering along as he shoots towards all his fitness and cycling goals.

Clive Chapman – MassiveMTBer (Don’t Ever Stop)

I’ve known Clive for over a year now and have really enjoyed getting to know this mate who hails from Birmingham, England.  I’ve found him to be very inspiring as I’ve gotten to know his story and have appreciated his support and friendship along the way.  Clive is part of the #LovingtheBike Army and here is an overview of life on the bike, according to Clive.

Most people are obese because they eat too much and/or don’t exercise. That is certainly true of me anyway and I suppose at 312Ibs back in June 2009 it’d be hard to argue. After many failed attempts at “weight loss” I decided I needed a sustainable way of doing things, having grown up with bikes since I was a kid and as a pre fat adult I thought it would be the way forward for me. I’d done the gym thing and the going out jogging stuff but they all crashed and burned big style. You know what it’s like, once you’re in from a hard day’s work, going out to get your exercise again is pretty much a nonstarter well for me anyway.

So, I thought, I have to work, so why not use my commute as that exercise? And the rest as they say, is history. In June 2009 after dusting down my MTB and building up slowly from a 6 mile park and ride along the canal to the full 12 miles, which is now often an enlarged 20 mile pedal in on my “new” road bike. As an indicator of how fast improvements come I completed 2 solo centuries last year after only a year back pedalling and eating properly. After 2 years my weight is now 204Ibs with a 104Ibs loss.

There are as many ways to get healthy as there are people, no one way is a guaranteed success, I should know, I tried pretty much all of them. But I do know one thing for certain, to succeed at weight loss, you need to do something you love and as I’ve always loved the bike, this is my way of succeeding. That and a pretty big dose of will power and self-discipline!

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Bryan Dewberry – Biking to Live

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