Grenada by Bike: Hog Island

The bridge to Hog Island in Grenada is truly a place that you can only get to by bike or walking….and who wants to walk when you can take a bike?

In this edition of Grenada by Bike, I venture out to this hidden location on the South-East coast and take a quick video from the bridge.

Here’s a few more pictures taken from my Hog Island trip.

Hog Island Grenada

Hog Island Grenada

Hog Island Grenada

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  1. I was planning on taking a hike with a couple of my friends here. Would you mind telling me where the trailhead is? Thanks!

    • Hi Alex,

      There are actually three ways to enter. The easiest one to explain is the one in Grand Anse Valley. Just take the road on the right as you’re coming up the hill from Lance aux Epines.
      You can also look for the trail that’s located near Secret Harbor Marina. As you go down the hill towards the marina, look for the trail head on the left….it’s right beside a black fence.
      You can also stop by Mocha Spoke and talk to me sometime so I can tell you about the trails in person.

    • Yes, I’ll definitely take you guys there. The only drawback is there a lot of those bushes around the trail that have thorns. It’s pretty much guaranteed that at least one of us will get a flat.
      Man, it’s going to be so great seeing you guys again.

  2. What a beautiful view. It sounds like it’s quite windy on the bridge is it like that on the island as well?