Asylum Cycles uses Crowd Supply to Launch Bike Company

If you have even the slightest interest in cross bikes, you’ve absolutely got to read this.  Today we’re laying down a guest post from Patrick of Asylum Cycles….and he’s here to tell you all about the cool and unique way this bike company is launching their brand.

Oh, and if you help back them (before their May 18th deadline) you’ll get a wicked deal on a frame or complete bike.

Asylum Cycles

My name is Patrick Croasdaile. I work for an upstart bike brand: Asylum Cycles of Portland, OR. We’re trying a new method of launching a bike company: crowdfunding. While there are plenty of bicycling projects on websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, a lot of these projects are either small in scale, or attached to pre-existing companies.

We want our launch project—the Meuse: a full-carbon disc-only Cyclocross bike—to give us the footing to start a whole new company. Asylum’s end-goal is producing exactly the kind of product serious cyclists want to ride. There are a number of exciting designs in our pipeline once the Meuse funds. Customer input will be crucial for every project we undertake. In that way, our customers become our partners. This is a major reason why we chose to crowdfund.

Asylum Bicycles Cross Bike

(photo courtesy of Jake Tong from

As a Portland brand, there wasn’t a better launch product than a cyclocross bike. Since the early 1990s, ‘cross has flourished in the Pacific Northwest. The Asylum Meuse is recognition of the sport’s growing importance in America as well as an acknowledgment of the Northwest’s racing roots in Low Country cycling culture. We refer to Portland as “Belgium by the Willamette.” The name Meuse comes from the very same river that flows from Le Châtelet-sur-Meuse through the Low Countries and into the North Sea.


The Asylum Meuse straddles the line between purebred Cyclocross bike and gravel road racer. Though we’ve leaned heavily toward the Cyclocross end of things, our bottom bracket drop keeps the bike very lively. I don’t get that “oh crap I’m in the middle of the air” feeling when I dive into a corner at high-speed on the road. Conversely, I’m not striking my crank arms on rocks and roots when I take it off-road. Tire clearance is exceptional for a race bike as well. You can fit up to 35mm cross tires on it and probably larger if you opted for slicks. We’ve done our best to future-proof it by equipping it with disc brakes (it’s also hydraulic compatible). The Meuse’s geometry makes it incredibly versatile both on- and off-road.

One of my favorite features is the Powerflow design on the downtube/bottom bracket/chainstay interface. This stiffens the rear end considerably. I’m a “bigger” racer at 6’1″ and 175lbs. I don’t feel any flex in the rear end. The Meuse flies out of corners and climbs on the road exceptionally well.

Asylum Cross Bicycle

Having partnered with Rogue Ales of Newport, OR, we’re also offering a special Rogue Team Edition in addition to the regular Asylum scheme.

Asylum Bikes

We opted to crowdfund on Crowd Supply because, unlike the other crowdfunding platforms, they handle the e-commerce, warehousing, and shipping once a project successfully funds. This means a lot to a small company like Asylum. In that way, Crowd Supply gets to incubate new brands and help them grow once their project is successful. They’re also a company run by bike nerds.

We’re offering our backers the chance to reserve their very own Meuse for virtually wholesale (4 build options on offer). That’s our way of saying thanks for helping us launch our company. We have to hit a minimum order, so the more bikes we can pre-sell, the better.

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