The Charity Ride

If you’re interested in donating to my ride this year, the link is here:

Ashley is a cycling nut and one who is definitely Loving the Bike.  You can also find her at aerochick.comTwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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  • Darryl is Loving the Bike

    Good luck in this year’s ride….I know you’ll make Livestrong and Team Fatty proud. I hope you reach your fundraising goals and thanks for sharing this great article with us over here at Loving the Bike.

  • Sarah

    I will be at the livestrong philly as well. Are you riding on a team or by yourself?

    • Ashley Hill

      Hey Sarah,

      I’m part of Team Fatty, so feel free to join us! Also at the event, feel free to call us Fatties. It started from