Look Who’s Loving the Bike – January 2011

“Our favorite cycling moment of 2010 has to be our ‘meeting’ with Lance Armstrong last summer in Rotterdam. After having seen the Tour de France on television already so many times, it became a dream to finally experience the big ride for real. This year, with the Grand Départ in our home country the Netherlands, it was a chance of a lifetime. One that would be even better than expected. It all started with some voluntary work for the organization. Thanks to a crew shirt, VIP card and friendly chat with one of the stewards, we ended up in the area where all the team buses were parked and all the riders prepared for their first ride, a time trial in the city of Rotterdam. Next target: meet ‘the Shack’s and it’s ‘Boss’. Many people have an opinion, but to us Lance Armstrong is one of the most inspiring athletes. So seeing him do his thing was another thing on our wish list. No sooner said than done. Our favorite cycling moment of 2010 was when Lance Armstrong was telling his story to a bunch of very excited journalists about his race against the clock and we where standing in front. We weren’t  journalists and we weren’t supposed to get this close, but this was really the last thing we could care about. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being at the right time, at the right place:

The interview with Lance can be seen right here.

Shelly Mossey – New York, NY

“As a teenager I lived in flushing Queens and would drive to Rockaway beach by car about 12 miles ea way.The traffic became so bad that one day I biked it. It took me the same amount of time on the bike as the car…..so I never drove it again and started riding everywhere in NYC to this day, 35 years later.”

Read more about Shelly’s Human Powered Mobility at his site: Urban Mobility Project’s Battery Park City, NY.

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  • Eric Hutchins

    Loved this post.
    The only christmas present that I recall from my childhood was my purple bike. I loved that bike, in a moment I went from being trapped at home and dependent on others to go anywhere to being a FREE. I could go places when I wanted, I could fly down hills with the wind rushing in my ears. It was awesome. Since then I have always had a bike and have always had it at the center of things I like to do.

  • http://www.pamelahutchins.com Pamela

    Love your trip around the world, Loving the Bike.