Look Who’s Loving the Bike – July

We left from our house in Waterloo early in the morning and set out for Dyersville – a mere 75 miles away.  But, it didn’t matter to me far we rode, I was happy just to be going along.  Turns out it was a good thing I didn’t have any concept of how far we went, because the ride ended up being 86 miles that day!

I learned a lot of new things my first day on RAGBRAI.  Things, I never imagined I’d remember now 21 years later.  Like … if a hill has a name, its gonna hurt going up!  (But at the top of Iron Hill there was the best cherry pie I’d ever eaten … and a bathroom! I hadn’t yet mastered – or even attempted – going in a cornfield.)  I learned that everyone who sees a little kid on the back of a tandem will yell “She’s not pedaling”, and think they were the first person to come up with such a great line!  (I was pedaling … most of the time).  I learned that those Lutheran church-ladies can whip up a mean plate of spaghetti in their church basement, and that you have to eat more than you think so you don’t bonk.  (My dad already knew this, and would tease me by telling me not to eat my banana down to the bad spot and then hand it to him.  Knowing all the while I couldn’t resist such a trick!)  He dubbed it “the banana-pass” and to this day we both know what the other means when we say those words.”

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Jon Spangler – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“It’s hard to pick just one, there are so many:

-The first time I rode with Linda and found I could not drop her? (We’ve been married 21 years)

-My two AIDS/LifeCycle rides (SF to LA in a week)?

-Cycle-camping my way across Oregon in 1975?

-Riding from Eugene to SF with panniers and sew-ups in 1972?

-Dozens of Thursday night training races out of Eugene with the Collins’ Cycle crowd?

-New Year’s Day rides to Harrisburg and back, watching Riley McLean spin out at 160 RPMs on his Raleigh Pro Mark II?

-And how many Sequoia Century rides with Western Wheelers?

-Or flying down Highway 9 in the pouring rain at 25 MPH–and staying upright on the way to our impromptu hypothermia clinic at the German deli?

-Delivering prescriptions on my bent-top-tube Phillips 3-speed at age 12 all over hilly Redwood City?

-Countless body memory images of making nice round 96-RPM circles on training rides as the sun came up or a gorgeous day unfolded around me?

-Those thrilling fast descents on great, rock-solid-tracking bikes (especially my Eisentraut) at 40-45 MPH with smooth pavement and no side winds?

-The feeling of satisfaction when I finally get in shape enough to “sprint” (for me, at last) up Old Tunnel Road or Highway 92?

These images and more are all there, “money in the bank” whenever I need them.”

Paddy Harrop – Sutton, United Kingdom

“Mountain bikes are fantastic and (usually) a joy to ride, but what I love is getting out into the peace and quiet of the countryside and winding down after a busy day or week.”

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