Look Who’s Loving the Bike: March 2011

“Learning to ride a bike was a right of passage in my small suburban Philadelphia neighborhood. I was actually one of the last one of my friends to learn how to ride. I have lots of memories struggling to learn – not that bike riding was difficult but riding in the street with cars around was the scary part. My oldest brother taught me to ride and I used to jump off my bike and into the grass whenever he yelled ‘Get to the side of the road. A car’s coming’ – LOL!

Some of my best adventures as a child happened on a bike. Some of my most meaningful lessons as an adult occurred on a bike as well.”

Brad Didier – Huntsville, TX

“I have always been a weight room guy, playing football and baseball my entire life. I meet my incredible wife and she introduced me to endurance sports and biking. I had no idea that you could challenge yourself so much on a bike. Since we have been together we have competed in 3 sprint distance tri’s and a number of 5k’s. I’m loving the bike. Something else she introduced me to was the Lance Armstrong Foundation. In 1989 I lost my oldest sister to a brain tumor.

Until now I had no idea how I could give back or make a difference in her name. Its funny how life all comes together sometimes. I love biking with a purpose today. I have a road bike and a mountain bike and I am on one of them almost everday. I took the liveSTRONG challenge the last 2 years and rode 65 miles in honor of those fighting the fight and the ones who are not here to fight anymore. It’s so awesome to live with purpose and who knew the bike would mean so much to me today. I will continue to ride and raise money for all those effected!!!!”

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