Make it Happen Monday: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Other than my Family, cycling is about the only thing I’ve remained committed to over the years.  Since I took up road cycling 8 years ago, I’ve had a Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude to pretty much everything about it.

On an overall level, cycling has become a huge part of my life and something that remains a major ingredient in my daily lifestyle diet. Looking back, I see how it has played a big part in formulating my life. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be living here in Austin, Texas right now if it weren’t for my love of cycling and my desire to ride year round in a sweet location.

As I look back, I also see that there hasn’t been a time over these past 8 years where I didn’t ride.  Each and every week, all year long…I’m on the bike.  Sure I had to take a little time off when I went in for the Big V, and at certain times like the birth of our babies…but nothing has kept me out of the saddle for any signifiant amount of time.

On a daily ride level, the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude is there as well.  Once I hop on the bike, I’m off like gang busters and totally motivated to complete the ride I’ve set out for myself.  Just the other day I had a ride that better explains what I mean by this.  About 3 minutes into my ride, I felt the wind blowing on my face and it snuck past my sunglasses to hit me in the eyes.  I soon realized that one of my contact lenses must be in backwards because it started to feel like it was going to pop out.  I blinked and blinked trying to fix the problem, but it just sort of kept nagging at me a little.  Sure I could have stopped for a couple seconds and fixed this….but I decided to keep on going and deal with it.  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop….remember?

Now if I felt this was going to pose a serious threat to my ride that day, I would have definitely stopped and turned the lens around.  But in all reality, it just caused me to blink about triple the time I normally would so that I could keep the contact in there properly.  Just one example of what I mean by not letting anything stop me once I get out on the road.

I love that I have this attitude toward my Family and my Cycling….and here’s to wishing that it becomes the attitude in other parts of my life as well.

How about you?  Do you look for excuses as to why you can’t ride (or do anything else in life for that matter), or do you have a Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude?  Let’s get out there and Make it Happen today, and every day.

  • Joel Phillips

    Great post Darryl.

    I admire and draw inspiration from your passion and share that can’t stop, won’t stop attitude.  Although cycling for me is a means rather than a burning desire.  I believe that a bike is the best tool to help live life.  In fact, that’s the focus of my next blog, which I will post this afternoon.  I never fully developed that can’t stop, won’t stop attitude until I started riding my bike as an adult.  Now I know no limits to what I will accomplish, because riding has taught me as long as I keep pumping the pedals, no hill is too steep.

    Happy Riding my friend.   

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks Joel.  I think everyone has that one (or more) thing that suits them…..and finding it sure makes directing a Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude towards it a whole lot easier.  I’m glad cycling has allowed you to fuel your desire and grab a hold of your goals.

  • Paula Bender

    That’s a really intimidating pose, Darryl! I, too, am lovin’ the bike! I don’t have time to ride every day, and I’m adding swimming to my mix, but I agree it’s the most invigorating part of my weekend. When my rides are pau, I wanna keep going, but I gotta go be Mom again.  Aloha! 

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Hahahaha, I didn’t mean to look intimidating….just focused and ready to take on anything.  Aloha right back at you…I want to come visit and do some surfing and cycling.

  • Carlton

    Been a cyclist for almost 9 years now, not your average looking cyclist (unless you know who Major Taylor is!), so most of my friends “don’t get it” but that’s ok!  I cannot go more than 3 days off the bike or I start twitching. Even when I got hit by a car I was upset I was not riding outside for a week .  

    I was 60lbs overweight and I hated the way I felt, I bartered marketing services for a mountain bike and from that day I loved the bike!  The added benefit is I can not only concentrate on getting better but I clear my head every time I close my garage to go for a ride.  I made the mistake of not riding enough last year because I was commuting on an airplane from SF to PHX but not anymore I Can’t and Won’t Stop  because its the best thing I can do for myself, and my family (and my career best business ideas I have thought of have been on two wheels!)  

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      You definitely have the right goals and attitude.  Make it Happen for you and your Family….and keep on with that Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop focus.

  • Kelly

    I think it is essential to have a major goal (like a race) scheduled on the calendar. It is the motivating factor I need to run more days than I don’t and to ride my bike on the days that I don’t absolutely need a car.

  • Stevie Dexter

    I wish I had your Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude but I’m a lazy person! I really do need to kick myself to get out however I know that once I get myself out of the door I love being on the bike. Recently I’ve taken to putting my cycling kit on in the morning when I wake up, have breakfast… and then I’m forced to go out and ride…. because sitting around in the garden or walking in to town for a coffee in my chamois is just stoopid! The National race I’m in next month is getting me off my butt more too!

    • Kelly

      You could even wear your kit to bed the night before, Stevie. :) My kids often put on the next days outfit and climb into bed for the night. In the morning - BAM! - a bowl of cereal, and they’re ready for the day!

    • Kelly

      You could even wear your kit to bed the night before, Stevie. :) My kids often put on the next days outfit and climb into bed for the night. In the morning - BAM! - a bowl of cereal, and they’re ready for the day!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I actively look for excuses but do think I’m slowly adopting the same Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop attitude. My big hurdle right now is getting enough sleep. If I get to bed late, there’s no way I feel like riding in the morning. Since the start of the year I’ve given up a lot of stuff (including my xbox) in order to get more sleep as I took my cycling and weight loss more seriously. I did very good when training for the Tour de Cure but have slacked off some in the sleep department and the Tour de France replays at night aren’t helping.