Make it Happen Monday: The Tambo Way

I really do believe that the more you worry about something, the more problems you encounter.  Although I try to fight it, I was born a worrier and struggle with letting it go each and every day.  But the more life I live, the more I realize that if you do not let worry into your thoughts, you are much better off.

I’ve read enough wisdom books to know that they all tell you that worrying is of no use because most of the time we worry about things that never happen anyway, or we worry about things that we have no control over.  Worrying really is useless……but how come I can’t take it out of my life?

There is a guy I knew back in my Caribbean days.  His name was Tambo and he was a Rasta Man who helped me with the kayak tours.  Rasta people have a history of not worrying about anything and just being happy with the moment.  Just looking at Tambo, you could tell he wasn’t a worrier.  When we towed the kayaks behind his boat I always worried about something falling off, or the kayaks breaking apart from one another.  Did I connect and set everything up okay?  Sometimes it happens.  When Tambo did it, he just threw it together with no thought and it always worked out for him.  The Tambo way definitely ruled.

Trust me on this one.  If you could do a scientific experiment on worrying, you would see that it has no use.  Things are going to happen whether you worry about them or not.  You’ll spend time worrying about things that never transpire.  Things may or may not happen, but I am of the belief that if you focus your worry mind on it, there is a greater chance that something will happen.  Remember that song from like 25 years ago…..”Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?  Well it was an annoying song, but it sent out a great message.

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.“ 

- Benjamin Franklin



  • Jennifer B

    I have been reading your blog for the past few months, but this is the first time I have ever commented.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t generally leave comments on websites.

    But I felt the need to write this time because I wanted to tell you how your Make it Happen Monday series has really impacted my life.  I find myself anticipating Monday all weekend long so that I can see what you’re write about next.  You are an incredible motivator Darryl and I want to thank you for what it’s done for me.

    Thank You,


    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Wow Jennifer…I think you officially just made my day.  I’m so excited to hear your thoughts and how special the Make it Happen Monday series has been for you.  I’m also very glad that you decided to jump in and leave a comment this time around.  I hope you do more of that in the future.  Us bloggers really love to hear from our readers.

      Thanks again, Jennifer.

  • Sammalone

    It’s Tuesday and I’m about to make it happen.  Wow, what a motivating post.


    I like that attitude.  I think I can learn a lot from Tambo.  Thanks for another excellent Monday post.  I agree with Joel and I hope you keep these coming out every week.

  • Joel Phillips

    You’re MIHM posts are always so engaging.  Today, however, you’ve really got this
    racecar in the red.  I’m not saying it’s
    dangerous, I just had to find another gear. 
    I could literally feel my brain swell as thoughts about this subject
    raced through my mind as I read it.  You broach on the
    essence of serenity when you speak of living worry free.  The deck is stacked against us bro,
    everywhere we look, everything we see, everything we hear; we are inundated
    with things to worry about.  The news is
    nothing more than a daily dose of stuff to cause worry.  Seems like the only thing they advertise
    anymore is some kind of drug to treat a problem 11 out of 13 people will become
    afflicted with between the ages of 18 & 61. 
    For a long time, I worried about everything, all I can say about that
    is, “That’s about 30 years I’ll never get back”.  Worry is fueled by doubt and lack of
    trust.  This is not something I picked up
    from reading a book by some self-awareness guru, but rather a statement based
    on decades of experience.  I’ve found
    happiness because I quit looking for it and started making it.  I worry less and concentrate more.  Sure life is going to have its obstacles, but
    I know I’m prepared to deal with whatever comes my way.  Like riding downhill with the wind, effortless,
    but aware there are still hills, even mountains, I’ll have to climb. 



    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I’m glad you’re a fan of Make it Happen Monday….but then again you are one of those guys who makes it happen every day.  You are totally right….if you look for it, there is a lot of worry out there.  But with an attitude like the one you describe, you’ll definitely be living the Tambo way.

  • Victor Jimenez

    Love it D!
     I think worry is really just another form of fear.  Which are both the result of lack of knowledge. I just try and accept things as they are and keep them in overall life perspective.  I had a Rasta friend that always said “Wutch you worried bout mon”  

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Great comment, Victor.  I like the way you summarized the notion of worry.  Thanks.