#bikeschool: WyndyMilla

As LovingTheBike’s designated UK dude I’m really excited about today’s article and the news we are spreading. Although WyndyMilla is a UK based company, their influence is spreading across the globe quicker than Magnus Backstedt can crack a bottom bracket and they are doing some great things in the Pro Peloton as well as women’s cycling.

Bespoke Passion

For many people around the globe WyndyMilla will be a new name on the bike-brand-block that you won’t have heard of but they are doing all the right things to make sure that will soon be changing. I became aware of WyndyMilla and their Test Team around a

The WyndyMilla Test Team looking pink & cool

year ago and was instantly struck by… well the pink bikes and kit! I am a self-confessed kit pervert and enjoy looking at gorgeous bikes and clothing and woah do these guys know sexy bikes! But more of that later. The wonderfully named brand is the brain child of Henry Wynd(y)ham Furniss and Nassima CaMilla Siddiqui and began as a part time hobby “born of a raw passion for cycling”. Since the companies inception in 2007 they have come a long way and now offer a huge range of services at their workshop/fitting studio including; complete bike-fit and tailoring for new machines, lifestyle assessment looking at time management, diet and training, personal training and bio-mechanical assessment including VO2 max testing via the University of Surrey’s Human Performance Institute as used by the Test Team and of course they have a couple of top class mechanics too! These guys aren’t just into cycling… they are innovating and changing the sport for everyone that is connecting with them in a positive and darn good looking way!


Doing it in Pink

With a great team around them, Henry and Nassima (affectionately known as ‘Tiny’) have evolved WyndyMilla into a world-class hub for male and female cycling performance and have a thriving team and club wing which operate from their WyndyMilla HQ in the Surrey hills just south of London.

Nassima & the team ensure the girls get the service they deserve

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