Would You Still Ride if You Were a Millionaire?

Of course you would still ride your bike…..but in this video I provide a little food for thought.

I was hanging out at Port Louis and seeing those mega yachts down there got me to thinking about how life would be if it was me cruising on one of those beasts.  It was then that I realized the things I love most would remain absolutely the same.

Have a look at the video, and then ask yourself this same question.

  • Eric Hutchins

    I would ride more! No doubt

  • Pedalpilot

    I gotta ask, what was the point of the proposition? I mean really? If you are like most of us, you make do…row boat, bike, and life is okay. If you are a one percenter….you have a Yacht. You have a different balance of time. You have to enjoy your time, no time to not have the right bike to enjoy a ride opportunity. So…same ride time, perhaps, but more variations or where or when you ride…so more bikes. Personally, that boat (real yachts start at 300 ft :-) would have bikes on board…a Ti roadbike, a Mg roadbike, a Carbon Rowingbike, a nice Wood bike (for dockside jaunts), and a fat tire bike for the heck of it. It would also have a helicopter on board….with external bike pods. Whatever….its all grand. Have a wonderful and safe New Year! Live well! Be well! Ride often!

  • Paul Kirby

    Yeah, the other commenters are spot-on. I’d absolutely still ride – I need to stay fit and do something to clear my head, you know? I’d just have a much better bike(s). Don’t know about having more time, though. If you actually worked to get that wealthy, you may not have that much free time. Maybe an early retirement would be in order…

    Great video and thoughts, Darryl. And that’s a really sweet yacht in the background. Wow.

  • http://dchristianson.blogspot.com/ Daniel Christianson

    What Mark said….

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    Of course I would still ride a bike. Although, it would be a much better bike than what I currently ride. I would ride a lot more, being a millionaire, I could travel the world exploring all the places I have ever dreamed of riding.

  • http://antoinerjwright.com Antoine RJ Wright

    You know something, I think I would ride more actually. Even with the pressures of such a different financial state, I’d think that I’d end up using my bike a bit more as a solo end of things.

    Being a millionaire doesn’t necessarily mean being a celebrity, and so there’s just that possibility that I’d ride more. If anything, would be nice to just have that status just so that riding more wouldn’t be always necessary, but would be a luxury in and of itself.