Nutrition Tip July 17 2010

Whole Foods

We’re of an age where the foods available to us are becoming more and more instant, in that they are broken down so that we can cook them, prepare them, and consume them as fast as possible.  Although there is a nice surge of Organic and Whole foods being the popular choice, there is an ever increasing supply of the opposite available.

So how do we select whole foods when shopping in the grocery store?  As famous food author Michael Pollan says “eat foods your grandmother would have heard of”.  Fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, beans, nuts, seeds and lean meats, fish should make up the majority of our meals and snacks.

These foods usually have a lot more nutrients because they are in their natural state and not heavily processed.  These whole foods can be converted yourself into “fast food” by preparing and cooking in bulk so that they are readily available.