One Meal Per Day

One Meal Per Day

Hi Kelli,

I find with my busy schedule and lack of focus on my diet that I often go through my day only having one meal.  I’m still getting in lots of cycling, but wondering what I can be doing to lose weight.

- GL

Thanks for your question, GL.

This is what I call the one-meal-per-day-metabolism-killer, and there’s four reasons why it’s deadly to a metabolism and to daily energy:

1)      The one-meal-per-day-metabolism-killer deprives the body of calories when it can use them and over-feeds it when it won’t use them.  During the day, when you have high demands of your body, there’s no fuel.

2)      Next, the one-meal-per-day-metabolism-killer diet usually includes a huge evening meal made up of unhealthy, refined, processed foods that are chosen out of convenience, and not for nutrition’s sake.

3)      Third, the one-meal-per-day-metabolism-killer diet includes too much food at once.  Not only are the food choices poor and the body dragging, the amount of food at once will cause the body to store more fat as well.  This is a bad cycle.

4)      And fourth, the one-meal-per-day-metabolism-killer cause you to wake up still full from the night before.  No appetite for breakfast?  Look no further than the previous evening meal.  Since you’re not hungry, you won’t likely start the day off right with a high-fiber, high protein breakfast, and you’ll repeat the tired, dragging-through-the-day cycle again and again.

Unfortunately, many athletes don’t look any further than calories for weight loss.  Even experts!  During my career, I’ve learned that a healthy eating pattern is just as important as healthy foods and portion control for fat loss.  And for energy, a healthy patterns plays an even bigger role.  You need fuel during the day when you’re active, before you start sputtering.  You need to “lighten-up” in the evening when you don’t need as much energy because you’re relaxing.  Mini-meals, throughout the day, rather than a one-time binge is your answer.  You’ll sleep better.  You’ll feel better.  You’ll unlock one of the best fat loss secrets for you.  And, best of all, you’ll give your body a fighting chance at feeling good while losing fat!

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  • Johnny

    If a person eats health meats, fruits and vegetables for their one meal, then there should be no adverse health effects. Eating crap, whether it’s all in one meal or spread out during the day in several meals is still eating crap.