Out of Control Portion Sizes

Hi Kelli, how do I control my portion sizes?  I feel like I am eating way too much but I’m not sure how to keep it in check.

You’ve heard it before, and it’s still true: Our portions are out of control!  I’ve seen a client eat 1000 calories of raisin bran without knowing it.  I’ve seen 500 calories of juice per day.  It goes back to the same thing, choose healthy foods AND watch the portion.  For a couple weeks, just look at the nutrition label and measure out the serving size given or the portion listed on your meal plan (you can measure with measuring cups/spoons, you don’t need a food scale).  Give yourself a chance to readjust your portion expectations when measuring…you won’t have to do it forever, but you might be surprised at the amount you were getting.

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  • Bethel

    Good Info again. Watching calorie intake is always a real challenge. Keep the nutrition info coming. I love it.