Beanitos: Should You Become a BeanHead?


I came across Beanitos due to the fact that my friend @BeanitosApril works over there.  She gave my family some samples and we felt they were one super awesome healthy (ish) snack.  So to find out exactly how good and healthy they actually were, I had April send some to our Loving the Bike Nutritionist, Kelli, so that this review could be done by an expert.  Here is Kelli’s Review of Beanitos.

We’ve got a WINNER.  Congratulations to Craig Clark who gets a mixed case of Beanitos snack-sized bags (all 4 flavors, you get 24 bags).  Enjoy them, Craig.


Review of Beanitos   

by Kelli Jennings

Bean Brand Foods, Beanitos The Bean Chips™ were created by serious snackers, for serious snackers (aka For Human Beans™) who demand more than empty calories from their snacks. And, since corn is in over 4,000 products at the typical supermarket and has been linked to a host of health issues including obesity, all of our products are Always Corn Free™! – From the Beanitos About Us Page

I am sold.  I am usually not able to give a “snack food,” or any food that is not a whole food in the form it’s found in nature (such as a whole vegetable), a huge smile and 2 thumbs up…but in this case I am.  In every way I could think of, these are a great food choice.  The ingredients are great (and minimal), the nutrition value is great, the taste is great.  Here’s a breakdown:

Ingredients: Whole food ingredients used, including beans, brown rice, flaxseeds, etc.  Minimal amounts of ingredients used, even in flavored varieties. No colorings or “chemical flavors.” AWESOME.

Potential improvement: Why not use flaxseeds in all varieties?

Nutrition Value: Anytime you get 5 grams of fiber, from foods such as beans, in one small serving of a “snack food,” you’ve generally got a winner.  What’s more, you also get protein!  And ALA omega-3s (in the flax variety – again, why not in all varieties?)!  I search for snacks that I can give my kids, on the go, that contain both healthy carbs and protein, and they are few and far between.  For someone trying to lose weight, you’d still want to watch portions as these do contain calories and carbohydrates, and taste good enough that it’s hard to stop eating them.  However, this is true of most any food.  These are also super low glycemic index, which is beneficial to everyone.

Taste: Yum.  These are good.  My 2-year-old, 4-year-old, and husband (all picky eaters) love them.  In fact, these three males are usually my guinea pigs for all kinds of “Nutritionist-food attempts,” so even the 2-year-old is suspicious when I hand over a new snack.  And they all wanted more!

Only drawback: – and this is a half-hearted one at that – I’m not sure I buy the “beans without gas.” I was definitely a little gassy after every occasion of eating these, even just one serving.  And, I’m a 50% Latina who grew up eating beans, and eats 40+ grams of fiber per day, so my system generally digests fiber and beans without an issue.  HOWEVER, I do consider some gas to be simply part of a healthy diet.  It shows that there’s healthy bacteria in your gut, and your gut cells are being fed as they ferment the fiber and produce gas – this is a good thing, no matter what’s politically correct.  And, there is the potential that extra gas is caused by this just being a new food to me OR another food in my diet caused it.

Either way, it’s not a real drawback to me considering the healthfulness of the food.

Since this is a sports nutrition site, I will say that these are not a good snack for pre-training fuel.  The fiber stay in your gut too long and has the potential of causing gas, which is not good leading up to or during any training.  So, save these for Daily Nutrition or Post-Training.

Overall: 2 Thumbs Up and A Big Smile!

Beanitos Giveaway

We’re giving away 1 mixed case of Beanitos snack-sized bags (all 4 flavors, you get 24 bags).  Anyone who leaves a comment is in to win, so get those fingers moving and type up a little comment before Friday at Noon EST.  Winner announced Friday afternoon. (CONTEST NOW CLOSED)


Enjoy Your Ride

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  • PT

    I do know that if you soak beans in very warm water the night before cooking, you will not experience gas. I wonder if beanitos soak their beans prior to their cooking process? or maybe they should because I have experienced gas after eating them.

    • Kelli, RD

      Hi PT – yes, maybe this would help! Thanks for the tip…it may be helpful for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of beans without the gas:)

  • Misha31772

    Finally found these in Vancouver.  Amazing how well they mimic the taste and crunch of corn chips, while still having protein AND fiber.  My favourite snack has long been chips and salsa, and it’s great to find a substitute for the dreaded corn chips.  I was also impressed by the fact that I felt full after about 18-20 chips. 

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Glad you were able to find them in Vancouver.  They’re even selling them in Saskatoon, so I figured they’d have them in a big place like Vancouver.  They really are the best snack chip on the market.  Thanks for the update and good to see you’re now a BeanHead.

  • Susan Moury

    This sounds great.  I live in the snack capital of the world and would love to see some heathier snacks.

  • Kagruns

    These sound GREAT!! Are they available nationwide? We are usually behind in the midwest….

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I’m going to send your question over to Beanitos Customer Support so they can give you the proper information.

  • Ashley Hill

    Whoo! hope I win more stuff ;)

  • Martha A. Boyd

    Can you tell me what supermarkets carry these snacks?  I want to try them. Toot, toot! 

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I’m going to send your question over to Beanitos Customer Support so they can give you the proper information.

  • Kathy Volpe DeRoy

    I love snacks like this! They sound yummy. Will they be available at Whole Foods?

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I’m going to send your question over to Beanitos Customer Support so they can give you the proper information.

  • Lexie

    Thanks to the Bean-love, Kellie!

  • Lexie

    Thanks to the Bean-love, Kellie!

  • smkinnison

    these sound good, and with your salsa recipe – great!

  • Hubble Top Stars

    These sound great – and with your salsa recipe – wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Make me a BeanHead, too!  Thanks!

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Our pleasure….and good luck in the contest.

  • Burk1

    They sound great! Worth a few extra toots in a day, ha.

  • Craig Clark

    I am all for Beanitos.  I need to try the Chipotle BBQ.

    • Amanda Gale Kotyk

      The chipotle bbq is a favorite around my house….mmm….so delicious!! 

      • Kelli Myers Jennings

        It was my favorite flavor as well!

  • Kendall

    Beans, beans the musical fruit. The more you eat… sorry, got distracted.

    Beans make up the majority of my protien intake, as a vegan. these chips sound really good and I need to go find some – unless I win?

  • Shawn McDonald

    So Daryl hve you tried these?  Whats your feedback? Interesting enough read….

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Definitely…..our whole family loves them.  I was a fan of Beanitos but I wanted Kelli to check them out to make sure they were as healthy as I thought they were.  So many snack foods claim to be a healthy alternative, but are still full of nasty stuff.  I was happy to see Kelli confirm these for me.

  • Zach Jacob

    Sounds like fun. Consider me entered!

  • Katie

    Are these the kind of chips that will cause intestinal vocals?
    beans = tootin’ food

    • Kelli Myers Jennings

      I have to say yes.  Again, from a nutritional standpoint, this is not an issue and many times a sign of a good, high fiber diet.  From a social standpoint, it can be an issue.  Others may have a different experience with them (intestinal tolerance if very individual), but, as with most beans, they do increase the gas around here.   Remember that cumin is a anti-flatulant (from the cumin post a last week)…maybe a good idea for an ingredient addition!!!

  • tyler young

    the chips are so good! i never though you could buy them in saskatoon buy you can!

    • Amanda Gale Kotyk

      That’s so crazy!!  Still can’t believe you can buy them in Canada!  :) 

    • Laura Young

      Now he’s got the whole family hooked!

  • Amanda Gale Kotyk

    My family also LOVES this snack…..and I love having a “snack-on-the-go” with fiber and protein for my 18 month old (his favorite are the flaxseed ones).  

  • J.D. Kimple

    OK, I’m in. I’ll need to try these out. You’ve convinced me!


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