Cold Weather Cycling with the Twin Six Fall Collection

Yes, cold weather cycling clothing is necessary even in Texas…especially if you dislike being chilly as much as I do. You’d think that a guy like me who’s from Canada would find even the coldest temperatures in Austin to be balmy sun tanning weather, but that’s exactly why I’m here and not there.  I am the biggest cold weather wimp around.

Oh, before I get into this (and in case you don’t read any further), we’ve got a fantastic Twin Six Giveaway for a Jersey of your choice.  See the bottom of this post for details.

There is a lot of great cycling gear out there (including the #bikeschool Jersey and  Loving the Bike Kit from Groucho Sports, of course), but I’ve always liked what the boys from Twin Six put out.  I had one of their T-shirts already, but when Mark from Twin Six sent me a jersey to try out from their Fall Collection I was very happy to add it to my growing closet of riding clothing….and it came at the perfect time.  Oh, and thanks for the socks as well Mark.

My “The Deluxe” jersey arrived last Tuesday and on Thursday we got hit with a short, but cold, front that moved in.  I dug out my 3/4 length bibs, put on the new Twin Six jersey, went riding, and am now ready to give you my feedback:

The Twin Six “The Deluxe” Jersey

  • In an ideal world, we’d never need anything more than a regular short-sleeved jersey….but if it does have to get cold, then a cozy long sleeve like this one is oh so necessary.
  • They call it “100% Super-Soft Micro Polyester”.  I call it comfy.
  • The temperature was around 60F (15C) when I rode, even though it felt much colder. The jersey performed beautifully at this temperature, but in anything colder I would need to wear a cycling jacket or extra layer for sure. (I told you, I’m a serious wimp)
  • Made in America – Even though I’m a Canadian, I have to say how great it is to see clothing still being made over here.  Nice job, Twin Six.
  • Coolness Factor – Being Grey and Black, the jersey doesn’t pop out as being one of the most brilliant one’s out there, but it’s super stylish and made me feel like a rock star when I was wearing it.  I’d have to say this is one of Twin Six’s strengths…they put out “cool” stuff.
  • This jersey has nice big pockets and all that jazz.  What can I say…it’s a solid jersey that fits the need.
It has since warmed up again here in the Hill Country, but there’s no doubt that more cold days are on the way.  With helpful accessories like my new Twin Six, I’m ready for it.

The Contest:

Thanks to everyone who told us about their favorite Twin Six jerseys and for entering the contest.  Entries are now closed, and we’ve selected a winner using

Congratulations to Michael Deming who is the lucky winner and will receive his choice of a “The Cross” jersey from Twin Six.  Huge thanks to Mark and the boys over at Twin Six for partnering with us on this contest.

We usually don’t make you work too hard to enter our contests, but for this one we’ll crank up the entry just slightly.  Head over to and let us know which jersey is your favorite (let us know what your second favorite is as well in case they’re out of stock).  We’ll collect comments from today through Friday at Noon EST, and the lucky winner (who we pick using will receive their dream Twin Six jersey.  How awesome is that?  Pick your jerseys, tell us about it in the comments below, and we’ll announce the winner on Friday afternoon.

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  1. I like the 2012 Masher. Stripes are different, pretty cool and the pink, perfect match with my seat and bars ;) 2nd choice easy! The All City :) They both look like they’ll make me fast – hah – and just look fun to ride in. 

  2. Interesting collection and designs there. I’m usually a bit more understated in my daily threads than much of what’s there through. If I my pick, I’d go for the T6 Wooly 2012 Green. It is just enough bling with the rest of the style. The Deluxe would be a second pick, because that one looks good for off-the-bike moments.

  3. It’s so nice to have these guys 5 blocks from where I live, although it can put a dent in the old pocketbook. Their t’s are amazing as well.

    Love the Speedy Motor City (wool) jersey and it would be awesome for the upcoming MPLS winter riding.

    Second fab would be the Mach 6. Checker me fancy for that jersey!

  4. Twin Six’s jersey’s look fabulous.  I have many favs, but the two that really stand out are
    1.  Speedy London and
    2.  The Motor in Blue

  5. Twin Six is awesome! I love the women’s All City jersey! The logo pops on the all-black and would be easily seen when riding or just showing off around town. Very cool!

  6. Sleigher thermal- since I just did my first mountain bike race this year (Chequamegon 40)! and a close 2nd is the School girl because I don’t live in SoCal.

  7. 1=Masher (ladies)
    2=Black metal (ladies

    Love your stuff…I already have some of your cycling clothes and would love some more!!

  8. Haha Darryl, I think I could easily win the competition for biggest cold weather wimp!! The School Girl is my fav, second choice the Vixen. I love Twin Six stuff, they have the best t-shirts too.

  9. I love the Cat 6 2012 Mens Large because that definitely describes me!  I ride to finish not to win (since I already won the battle with cancer 2 years ago!)
    I also like the Cabby 2012 Large just cause it looks cool.