Serfas Carbon Zirconium Cycling Shoe and ST-13i C02 Mini Tool

As we continue with the Loving the Bike review week, today we have a look at the Serfas Carbon Zirconium cycling shoes and the new Serfas ST-13i CO² Inflator / Mini Tool.

Not too long ago, I did a review of some other Serfas products…..and happy to be putting up another one today.  Let me be up front, Serfas might not have the highest quality cycling products in the world….but they have great service and put out some nice stuff.

If you’re interested in what these products will cost you, the Carbon Zirconium’s retail for around US$180, and the mini tool comes in at $36.

Here’s a look at these two products from the good folks at Serfas.

Serfas Zirconium Shoe and ST-13i C02 Mini Tool Review:

For more on the Zirconium Cycling Shoe, click here.

For more on the ST-13i C02 Mini Tool, click here.

  • Ian

    I have to say that I’m liking those shoes. If you can find a pair that feels like you don’t have shoes on at all with good power transfer and no hotspots…buy a few pairs!

  • LJ

    Does the C02 inflater work okay? I had one without the other tools and it never seemed to inflate properly.

  • Ben

    I know what you mean about having shoes that feel like an extension of your foot. I have a pair of PI’s like that. Cool tool.

  • Jackson

    Wicked, I’m getting that multitool. Thanks for the heads up, Darryl