Top 4 Items for a Winter Bike Commute

It is pretty easy to get up in the morning, grab a cup-a-joe and hop on the bike to ride to work…when it’s warm out.  However, cold weather presents an entirely new group of challenges.  It seems like the colder it gets, the harder it is for me to just get out of bed, forget riding to work.  More gear to keep you warm means more time to get ready, means more time to  talk yourself out of the bike ride.  Long or short, riding to work in the cold weather adds a whole new element to your commute.

You may not be a big fan of spending money on fancy skin suits, cool commuter shoes and bags, or any gear like that.  When it comes to commuting, some gear you can do without, but in the cold weather months, you shouldn’t be putting your safety at risk to save a few bucks.  Yes, riding in the cold is more dangerous than riding in warm weather.

Wearing too many layers causes you to sweat, sometimes without you even knowing it.  The stop and go of commuting doesn’t often lend itself well to maintaining a constant body temperature, meaning you get really hot for a few blocks, start sweating, then stop and cool down at the next light.  This can happen in warm weather plenty as well, but when temperatures dip below freezing, suddenly your cool downs could put you at risk for a variety of ugly consequences, especially if you have a good sweat worked up.

It’s important to get some gear that can keep you warm without making you overheat at the same time.  Winter gear is expensive, but fortunately you don’t need to go out and waste money finding the right stuff to solve that problem, because you can come here and read what has already been tested.  Here are four items I have found are 100% worth the money and are sure to keep your temperature even on your ride to and from work.

Pearl Izumi Pro Thermal LS Jersey:

Think of this amazingly warm and wind-resistant article of clothing as a cross between your favorite fleece and a bike jersey.  Made using a Minerale thermal fabric, this full zip jersey is heavier than a wool jersey and every bit as comfortable as your favorite pull over.  Like most cycling jerseys it comes with the standard three pocket back to ensure easy access to your commuter snacks and gear on the ride.

This jersey also has a fantastic breast pocket for your cell phone that has a slit on the inside to feed your headphones through so they don’t dangle out in the cold or get caught on your bike while riding.

Like all Pearl Izumi gear it does run a little small, so don’t be afraid to go a size big so you can add a long sleeve t-shirt layer underneath. It won’t do the trick by itself when temperatures get down to freezing, but the simple addition of a turtleneck or long-sleeve t-shirt is all it takes to ride in the coldest of weather.

Endura Dexter Windproof Gloves:

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