What a Couple Weeks in Hawaii Have Taught Me

Frangipani: There were Frangipani trees all over the grounds of where we were staying.  This flower just happens to be the “wedding flower” for my Wife and I as we were married in the Caribbean, and Amanda carried a bouquet of Frangipani during our ceremony.  We’ve always loved the look and smell of this flower, and it holds a special place in our hearts….so I was reminded of how much I love the Frangipani, and on this trip I learned that it is associated with love in feng shui.


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  • http://twitter.com/lavagal Paula Bender

    Here in Hawaii we call these plumeria. I’m so glad you got a chance to come and unplug with the tech world that will always be there and to spend IRL time with your family. 

  • http://www.cyclistdad.com/ Dean

    Great post!  Like you said it is all about family and spending time with them and being with them for as long as possible.  We make it a point to take at least one week-long vacation every year.  They are times that will never be forgotten.  Even years later someone will always say: “Remember the time that….”.  Keep loving the family.  Keep loving the bike.

    Love, ride, and live.

    Dean (cyclistdad)