A Cyclist Crashes “The Running Event” Party

Austin has been invaded by thousands of #runnerds this week as the National Running Expo called “The Running Event” rolled into town.  I’m a cyclist, right? So what would I want with a running event?  Well, an expo of this magnitude brought with it a bunch of fantastic companies that cater to both the running and cycling markets….so I got myself a media pass and checked it out  crashed the party.

Holy cow….what an event. These running folks sure do know how to put on a great show.  For you running people out there, this was one giant candy store full of all the running goodness you can think of. But I walked in with my cycling swagger and searched out the companies that were able to offer up a whole lot of bikey goodness for me as well.

Aside from seeing all the coolest running shoes in the world, here are some of the other things I found cool:

Footbalance – Custom Insoles for my Cycling Shoes

We all know the importance of having good insoles in your cycling shoes, right?  Well if you don’t, be sure to come talk to me about it….a good base makes the rest of the body flow better, even in cycling.  Up until now, I’ve used Sole Insoles in my shoes and they’ve been working great.  But after seeing all the research and technology behind what Footbalance does to customize things to your foot….I was sold.

Footbalance is a personalized footbed, individually custom-molded on the basis of a foot analysis to ensure perfect arch support.  This is a Finnish company and those guys really know what they’re doing over there.  First they got me up on one of their foot reading machines to find out how the weight is distributed on my feet, the type of flexion I have, and the way my achilles reacts.  From that they determined a lot of things about my feet, including the fact that I’m an overpronator and have a normal medial arch.  They they custom molded the footbed to my foot and sent me off with a smile.  I used these in my shoes yesterday for my ride, and I have to admit that I can definitely notice a difference in feel and comfort.

Medi Dyne – Torture Stick

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