AdrenalineYou’ve seen the video of me cycling the roads here in Grenada.  They really aren’t as scary as I make them out to be….it’s my rebel without a clue attitude that puts me in some very precarious situations.  Yes, it’s probably as scary as I make it look.

But that’s me.  For some reason, I have a no fear approach to cycling.

I may not always be able to enjoy that zen-like state I love to get on a ride, but I’m definitely filled with adrenaline while cycling in Grenada.  Yeah, and I use every drop of it to help my performance.

I’m not saying you should trade in your GU’s and BLOKS for a close call that gets the adrenaline flowing, but it works for me.  I used to get super frustrated on my rides, and I’ve written many times about it.  Now I minimize the frustrations and go with the flow.


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  1. I have watched that video over and over. My adrenaline gets jacked just watching the freaking video. I have hit the ground hard quite a few times now while riding some no big deal others…. You would think that over time you get numb to it but I sure don’t (the sensation you feel when you have a close call.) I ride more carefully now, feel a little less invincible than the old days.

    • Yeah, it can definitely get the blood pumping. I may be some sort of psycho, but I enjoy the rush of cycling between moving cars. I was honestly thinking the other day about how I would be if riding back in North America again….would I seek out the rush or would I enjoy the quiet. Interesting stuff.

  2. I just watched your video Darryl. Great stuff but nothing for me, I love my life too much. I don’t even trust myself on the bike so how can I trust all of those kamikaze drivers. Keep riding and enjoy life Raymond