Betting on an Upcoming Cycling Event

I’m not sure how you feel about betting on cycling events, or betting in general, but we’ve got Tom Shannon in today to tell us a little about it in case you’re interested.

Betting on an Upcoming Cycling Event

by Tom Shannon

One thing the satellite TV has brought people around the world  is the ability to watch whichever sport enjoyed most, and for a lot of people this is cycling. The ability to watch just about any tour or race is amazing for a cycling lover and now not only can you keep up with the races there are               often interviews and other pieces that allow you to get to know the cyclists better as well.


Cycling races themselves have also gotten more competitive over the years as with every sport having better training regimes and understanding of their opponents the competitors now run races at a faster pace and with more tactical decisions involved. Because of all this many people enjoy placing bets on different tours and races in order to win a little money while watching their favorite sport.

One of the biggest tours that happens every year is the Vuelta a España, this is the biggest tour in Spain and as everybody knows Spain loves their cycling.  This tour is incredibly competitive just like others such as the Tour de France and while 2012′s winner may have been Spanish in Alberto Contador, this does not mean that this year’s winner will be Spanish.

In fact there is a good chance that he could be any of the top pro cyclists.  I however you do not wish to make a bet on the races that you watch there are other ways in which you can win money, playing at an online site such as online casino Australia is just such a way that you can have fun while trying to win some money.  Even cycling fans have games dedicated to them such as Pedal Power, this is an exciting online slots game devoted to cycling which both you and non-cycling lovers will enjoy.

Tom Shannon – Coming from Sheffield, Tom’s hobbies include writing and recording music, and creating video games.  He also runs events to do with video games where people come to watch tournaments. Tom is currently studying in his final year at university.

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