Bikes Are Crushing It Online

Finally, there is all those cycling tweeters tearing up the social media.  I’m pretty sure that cycling fans would be all over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media no matter what….but I kind of think that Lance Armstrong had a little something to do with the huge amount of cyclists you’ll find in these places.

As a cycling fan, I’m extremely happy about the merging of cyclists and social media.  For one, I get to sit right beside people like Lance as they compete and go about their daily lives.  I find it so neat to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on with these people, and I’m happy that Twitter has allowed me to do it.

Secondly, it has enabled me to connect and make friends with some incredible cycling fans around the world.  It has also introduced me to so many interesting people with amazing stories….something I don’t believe I would have been exposed to otherwise.

Congratulations to all of us cyclists, and congratulations to the bike.  You’ve made it in the online world, and this is just the start of so much more.

How has social media improved your cycling?  What do you think about Yahoo sponsoring a cycling team?  How has Google Bike Maps been working out for you?

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  • http://marijolamarche.wordpress mari-jo Lamarche

    I started using Twitter a year ago, during The ToC. At first, all I wanted is to hear about Lance, levi and all the pros. A year has passed and now, I barely read Lance’s tweets (still have a look at his pics tho!!).
    Now, it’s all about my new friends! People like me, passionate about riding their bike, sharing info, drinking coffee, joking around.
    Twitter also gives me the chance to improve my English skills and allows me to share my other passion, writing, with my blog.
    For all those reasons, I can say that Twitter changed my world!


    • darrylislovingthebike

      Thanks Mari-Jo….and the Twitter world is a much better place with you in it.